🌟 FINALLY, a good looking moisture absorber! The adAqua Moisture Absorber, a REUSABLE, REFILLABLE solution that is not only an attractive design, but also excels at its job. Say goodbye to excess moisture and hello to freshness! 🌧️

adAqua Pods feature high-quality Calcium Chloride Beads, an environmentally safe inorganic salt that effectively absorbs excess moisture from the air. This helps safeguard your belongings against potential mold, mildew, dampness, and musty odours. The adAqua Moisture Absorber Pods and Refills are not only refreshing but also REUSABLE and REFILLABLE, making them an excellent alternative to disposable options. 🌿🌟

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What our Customers had to Say !!

We love our adAqua pods. We have a guest area that is closed up for long periods and our pods helps to keep it from smelling musty. We don't have to hide them away either, they look great out on display.

Jodie.NGold Coast

I’ve been really happy with the results. We’re living in an older house at the moment and my son’s room always had a terrible musty smell. I put two pods in there & it's gone. Really happy, thank you for selling a re-usable product!! :)


I like the look of these, and always felt bad when throwing away the other plastic containers. I use in my pantry for my dry food storage. So happy with them that I am going to put in my campervan too! Definitely recommend!