adAqua Pod

1 adAqua + 1 Refill Bag

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1 Reusable Refillable Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier Pod and a bag of Refill Sachets

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  • One bag of Calcium Chloride Refill Beads: contains two sachets of the refill beads.
  • One adAqua Pod contains one bag of Calcium Chloride Beads.

You only Buy these Pods once.

  • Refreshing, Refillable, Reusable over & over again
  • Do not throw away.
  • Blends with any décor
  • Use in your home: office, wardrobes, gym, bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, Caravan, Boat
  • Fragrance Free
  • Sachets will last approximately 4-12 weeks, depending on the size of the room & amount of moisture in the environment.
  • Refill Sachets available (2 per bag)
  • Stop using the single use throw away ones, invest in the adAqua Moisture Absorbers, you will be saving money in the long run.

 What is adAqua?

It's a REFILLABLE Pod containing premium quality Calcium Chloride Beads, these beads are a non-toxic inorganic salt that draws in excess moisture from the air.  This helps to protect your belongings from possible Mould, Mildew, Dampness & Odour.

The adAqua Pod is made from HDPE, recyclable, very strong practically unbreakable plastic that is REFILLABLE to be used over and over again.

FYI: The beads are supposed to go hard. Please just follow the directions on packaging... set and forget. let them do their job!


  • 15cm x 9.5cm
  • Colour: Calm White/ Beechwood look Cap.

 Please watch the VIDEO in this listing :)

Customer Reviews

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Very happy

Very happy with how they work and they look elegant at the same time. Highly reccomend

Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it. :)


Great product


These are absolutely amazing I recommend everyone getting one for their house or office.

Thank you Leann

I changed the Cap's Colour

I needed a small dehumidifier for my guest bath and didn’t want one of the ugly Bigger ones from a famous brand
(though those do work great.) I didn’t like the color of the fake wood top so I painted it. It looks great now and blends into my beachy decor. Living along the Coast, every little bit of dehumidifying is a bonus! We’ll see how it works overtime.

that is very inventive of you, may need to consider different colours maybe in the future. :)

Love our adAquas

We love our adAqua pods. We have a guest area that is closed up for long periods and our pods helps to keep it from smelling musty. We don't have to hide them away either, they look great out on display.

that's wonderful Jodie, thank you for letting us know. We appreciate your feedback :)