Q. Are the beads supposed to go hard?

A. Yes, it is all part of the process. as the beads absorb the excess moisture in the air, they will go rock hard, then continue to dissolve into liquid into the bottom of the Pod.

Q. Can I remove the beads if they are hard?

A. No, please let he beads do their job, if they are hard and not fully dissolved, they are still working. You will know when they are ready to change, because you will be able to move the grate.

Q. Why are there hard crystals at the bottom of my Pod, after I have emptied it, & how do I get them out?

A. like any moisture absorber this is quite normal, just cover with tap water and those crystals will slowly dissolve, if they are being stubborn to remove, just give the Pod a hard tap on hard surface to loosen.

Q. Will a moisture absorber kill existing Mould & Mildew?

A. No, a moisture absorbers job is to absorb the excess moisture in the environment that causes the Mould & Mildew

Q. Are Refills available for the adAqua Pods?

A. Yes, Refill bags are available, each bag contains 2 x 225gr Sachet of premium Calcium Chloride Beads, which are perfectly measured out for the adAqua Refillable Pods.

Q. How long will the Beads last?

A. It depends greatly on the size of the space, if there is ventilation or air con. How much humidity is in the environment.... anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

Q. What are the adAqua Pods made from?

A. The Pods are made from HDPE, which is a very durable strong recyclable plastic. Which makes them an excellent choice for a long life of REFILLING.

Q. What is Calcium Chloride?

A. Calcium Chloride Beads are an inorganic salt compound that is solid at room temperature and highly soluble in moisture. 

Q. How do I store my Refill packets of the Calcium Chloride Beads?

A. We recommend leaving them in the double zip lock bag & stored in the zip lock foil packet they come in. Make sure the zip locks are securely zipped shut.

Q.  Do I remove the white paper in the cap?

A. No you do not remove the Tyvek Paper that is inside the cap, it has a job to do in there.


If you have any other questions that are not answered her, please reach out to us via the chat box on the front page or email us: adaquapod@gmail.com.